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Predicting the Future - Four Tips to Hone Your Intuitive Skills

by Bruno Deshayes on 23 Mar 2017 permalink
Some people look at the sky one evening and they can tell you exactly whether it will rain tomorrow... can this be done about the economy or politics? Maybe - but not by staring at the sky...

Nobody is left who lived between the two World Wars to relate to us what it was like and what were the signs approaching...

The Great Depression of the 1920s lasted over ten years and was followed by the rise to power of Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany. If history has the habit of repeating itself this current recession could well last another 5 or 10 years and usher the rise to power of the antichrist - the champion of globalisation, dividing the planet into ten regions under the umbrella of a revamped UN mashed European Union and combining all religions into one. It doesn't take a genius to see it is just around the corner.

So what would constitute four easy pointers to watch for?

Globalisation: Every time an industry is uprooted by unfair foreign competition we lose a piece of our independence. Every time we give up something as a nation we were quite capable of doing ourselves we become enslaved to global trade for our sustenance. Nations are being robbed of their identity. When elections worldwide turn into a popularity contest you can see how people are eagerly waiting for some charismatic figure with a compelling propaganda to make the great deal of the century (a 7 years peace treaty between Israel and its neighbours...)

Political correctness. Unnatural ideas are being pushed onto people under the guise of "tolerance" and "diversity" and "equal rights". New mumbo jumbo words are being coined to labels things we do not understand nor can control. Carbon footprint, bio-diversity, global warming are terms that were unheard of 10 years ago.

Collapsing birth rate in the western civilization. Within 20 years the next generation will be missing in action. Governments are panicking that there won't be enough taxpayers to fund all the looming pensions soon due to be paid to people who live longer and longer. Their answer is to open wide the doors to immigration. This creates social and racial unrest as the newcomers do not integrate in the society.

Destruction of the family unit. The divorce rate is so high that an entire generation of children is coming up - not having experienced the loving care of a stable home, and looking up to the role models of a man and woman committed to each other for a lifetime. People will enter adulthood with issues - not the strength to cope with any challenge.

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Can You Coach Yourself?

by Bruno Deshayes on 16 Mar 2017 permalink
As long as you keep your ability to learn you will be forever young. For some of us though we might have to unlearn a few things first.

Why would you want to coach yourself? It sounds like we have lost the ability to intuitively learn as we go along. Maybe a more sinister issue would be the fact that with so many broken homes around, our mentoring role model is missing in action.

The difference between learning and coaching is that the latter requires a monitoring process, a feedback mechanism if you wish. You can learn the periodic table of elements but unless you find some practical every day application of that knowledge it's not going to change your life. When we talk about coaching ourselves we mean applying knowledge that will improve our quality of life.

You may want to coach yourself to succeed in the competitive job market and secure the employment you deserve. You may decide to coach yourself to tackle your finances and trade the share market without letting your emotions getting in the way. What about coaching yourself to set worthwhile goals and reach them through a deliberate and systematic approach? Finally some of us will do wonderfully if we had the discipline to do some personal accounting and keep our bookkeeping up to date. (See at the end of this article some resources to do all of the above online.)

A coach is your alter-ego sitting on your shoulder and whispering encouragement and determination in your ear. In this world of me, myself and I where many are the casualty of separation and divorce a soul mate is sorely missed. That does not mean to say that you partner or spouse can be your coach but a word of encouragement well spoken at the appropriate time can make all the difference in the world.

What about joining a blog or a forum online? What about finding a support group? But that wouldn't be coaching yourself anymore, I suppose...

In the world of sport where the term "coach" comes from it appears that former champions have recycled themselves into coaching the next generation as well as earning royalties from brand names using their endorsement.

A coach does not need to be an expert in the field of knowledge you are pressing into. A coach is simply someone who keeps you accountable so that you won't give up your worthwhile endeavour at the first sign of resistance, the second, or the tenth...

Therefore in order to coach yourself all you have to do is to develop a split personality where you can play both the role of overcomer and the role of the coach. Simple huh?

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Coach Bob says:
Sounds to me this is to undermine the growing numbers of coaches that help people do the things you suggest but in fact never do. Show me a successful team or business that doesn't have a coach. It's not a matter of being able to get the information and apply it to yourself, it's the intrinsic part of us that needs someone to come alongside and communicate, encourage, put their arm around us and show a caring and thoughtful encouragement if you can afford the fees.

Driving in Russia is a demolition derby

by Bruno Deshayes on 09 Mar 2017 permalink
If you ask a traffic patrol officer which are the most likely causes of car accidents they would tell you : speed, alcohol (or drugs) and inexperienced drivers.

The Russian society has managed to capitalise on those 3 points : speed limits do not exists (car, motorbikes or trucks often careen out of control at intersections, curves or pedestrian crossings), a little vodka keeps you warm on a long road trip and finally you have to pay bribes to get your driving licence whether you have any road experience or not.

The dash cam has become a compulsory feature on all Russian vehicles. This is the only way to prove your innocence as the road patrol rarely attend to an accident. When they do, it is always possible to pay a bribe to get an out-of-jail card. Also men regularly carry a crowbar in the boot to settle disputes with unwelcome motorists who smash into your car.

There are no car registration safety checks. People rarely would replace bald tyres and if they do they don’t always replace or tighten the hub nuts. A spare tyre overtaking you on the highway with the screeching noise of some metal scratching on the tar is a sure sign that you have lost a wheel…

People are impatient at the wheel. Giving right of way is optional. Looking in the rear mirror before executing a turn is also optional. Major collisions take place when people overtake (sometimes on the emergency lane) only to plough into crossing pedestrians or passing traffic.

You don’t see too many front wheel drive cars so most cars tend to over-steer and with bald tyres there is no grip on the rear axe so that you find yourself slipping head to tail out of control into the oncoming traffic or into the ditch.

People don’t often wear seatbelts and when an old truck cabin is hit the driver may be ejected out as the doors fly open.

Russian don’t waste money on defensive driving skills - they don’t know how to counter steer or apply the brakes gradually.

Strange scenes occur : a bus tyre explodes into a waiting car on the next lane. A bonnet opens up while driving at full speed. (Oh, what’s that button under the dash again?) With no visibility whatsoever you a doomed to crash into something…

People gladly overtake a turning truck only to find themselves squeezed against the curb as the lorry moves into their lane.

Speed and lack of snow tyres provides unique performances of motorised Russian ballet on ice. A graceful exit is to bump into fresh powder piled up on the roadside.

Russian dash-cam videos provide a limitless supply of cheap and sickening entertainment material for opportunistic YouTube advertisers.

No cause for conCERN

by Bruno Deshayes on 02 Mar 2017 permalink
I was driving to my next appointment when suddenly my car fell into a sinkhole in the middle of the road. Instantly I was thrusted into an alternate dimension.

I saw a nutrino playing with a bambino. They were protons whizzing by at the speed of light.
I saw a quark playing hide and seek with the elusive Higgs-boson. It had disappeared into a blackhole but you could still hear the antimatter heaving like a panting runner.

There were Pterodactyls, Pteranodons & other flying dinosaurs.

I saw Dr Felps’ Cyclotron spewing out nano particles from its brass horn. They looked like M&Ms with many bright colours. A fat graviton passed by, mustering them all into its field of attraction. When they came close enough he gulped them all in one fell swoop and then emitted the most obscene burp.

Several electrons were having a spat - firing lightening bolts at each other. A sticky gluon was spreading its tentacles trying to grasp the innocent bambinos. As we passed through yet another ring magnet we got a jolt of acceleration and were all squished into a tiny space.

Then we passed in front of a massive window. On the other side were scores of scientists wearing white gowns and dark rimmed spectacles. Some were looking straight at us. Others were sitting at some computers in the background - all engrossed in their experiments. One had dismantled a microwave oven and was playing with the magnetron inside. But because it wasn't an enclosed area anymore the popcorn wouldn't pop. It was a breach of protocol and he was promptly escorted out by security agents wearing hazmat suits. On the wall was a chart of the Standard Model and you were summoned to state which particle you were. I passed myself off as an x-moron.

Back in my tunnel I saw a photon holding up high a 7 branch candelabra. There was a procession under way. I heard the music of wind chimes and suddenly I was sucked into a wormhole at an amazing speed. This shaft of dazzling bright light was pulling me upward with an incredible strength. Then my vision blurred and when I regained consciousness I was at my destination. All I had to do was to reverse into my favourite parking spot. I looked at my watch. I had arrived actually half an hour before the time of my departure.

Have you found a good reason to do life together?

by Bruno Deshayes on 23 Feb 2017 permalink
Warm feelings will lead you astray. Unless you are passionate about a lifelong goal to reach together, you have no business entertaining a relationship with somebody.

That goal could be as simple and as challenging as being the provider/nurturer for a safe family environment. That being said, you will face scores of obstacles that will stretch you no end. The problem is not what you will do together when things go well - what will you do when things go sour (yes, they will, you can bet on that...)

It's easy to love somebody when you get what you want out of the relationship. The issue is how can you and your partner gauge what your behaviour will be like under pressure.

Introducing a concept rarely heard of in our selfish, fast-paced, get-it-now world of the 21st century: unconditional love. No more "I love you as long as you make me feel good" kind of thing. Unconditional love means that you put somebody else's interests ahead of yours. Ouch! That's a high calling! Some men enter marriage as boys and only gain maturity when they find out that the welfare of a little bundle of life is totally dependent on them. Some women are quite confused with their identity in the corporate world until they fall pregnant and their body chemistry and mindset changes radically to prepare themselves into raising a brand new human being.

If raising a family is the reason you want to get married, it is a most worthwhile goal that will fulfil you to the max. If you enter into a relationship thinking that having children is a distant option in the future and you have no specific reason to walk through life together except having fun, you will fail - guaranteed!

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. If you avoid pain, discomfort, challenges, etc... you will never grow up and will remain a selfish introverted little sod - not the material for a lifelong relationship. Others will do well to avoid you...

If you need two incomes instead of one to make ends meet you are living beyond your means. You put yourself in a situation where a slight mishap could jeopardize your goals. The day of reckoning will come when you realise the values you held dear may not be worth the effort. At the same time the values you discounted as optional extras are the ones that will see you through a difficult patch.

Make no mistake. This generation is greatly unprepared for what is to come. The good times of the baby boomers are over well and truly. There is nobody left around to tell is how they survived the Great Depression of the 1920s.

Even saving for a lifetime to buy your own piece of real-estate is no longer a reasonable dream. Why buy something that could halve in value? But where do you live in the meantime? What about finding out what people need the most (not iPhones or plasma TVs, something more tangible and long lasting than that) and setting out to provide that commodity as your life long goal together? What about practising what unconditional love really means to you?



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