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Leave your past where it belongs and bring your future into existence

by Bruno Deshayes on 04 May 2017 permalink
No point looking back over your shoulder. Everybody makes mistakes. The cure fits in three words: Get Over It! But while you are mulling over the same scenario of where things might have gone wrong; your future seems ever so distant.

The best way to pull yourself out of that grind is to thank God for each new day. Do you get up early with a sense of expectation, determined to make the most of every opportunity - or do you grumble about how the good old days were stolen from you?

Where you focus your mind is where your creativity will start working. You were born to solve problems - so welcome problems that come your way. See them as juicy opportunities to turn the tables on the devil. You have only two choices: the enemy of your soul or the lover of your soul. Which one will you listen to?

How can you make your life count today? What is your sphere of influence? What makes you tick? What is your gifting? What is it that you do exceedingly well? What comes to you naturally? What would be your ideal job? What is the thing you are passionate about? What is the topic you are an expert on?

Anyone still wondering after this barrage of pointed questions? You do not want to take a personal inventory because somewhere, somehow you have left the enemy of your soul rob you of your dream and destiny... It is time to regain the lost ground. Even what seems like wasted time can be turned into good. You will appreciate your mountain top experience even more so if you have been through the valley of the shadow of death first. The paradox is that you need the humility of an adverse experience to steward the prosperity to come. In Christian lingo it's called picking up your cross daily. Sunshine comes after the rain. Calm comes after the storm. You have to weather both equally well.

Ask yourself: "Right now, what is the most productive thing I should be doing?" Is there an opportunity to do good in your environment? Do you need to hone your skills in one area to be trusted for your next promotion? No pain - no gain. If you knew the future there would be no challenge, no risks to take, no joy of contending... everything would be reduced to a fatalistic attitude. Only God knows the future - probably because He is the only one who can be trusted with it... Instead you have been given the unique opportunity to bring your own future into being by the things you are striving for today. Remember Christ's words: "To him who overcomes, I will give the right to eat from the tree of life."

Predicting the Future - Four Tips to Hone Your Intuitive Skills

by Bruno Deshayes on 23 Mar 2017 permalink
Some people look at the sky one evening and they can tell you exactly whether it will rain tomorrow... can this be done about the economy or politics? Maybe - but not by staring at the sky...

Nobody is left who lived between the two World Wars to relate to us what it was like and what were the signs approaching...

The Great Depression of the 1920s lasted over ten years and was followed by the rise to power of Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany. If history has the habit of repeating itself this current recession could well last another 5 or 10 years and usher the rise to power of the antichrist - the champion of globalisation, dividing the planet into ten regions under the umbrella of a revamped UN mashed European Union and combining all religions into one. It doesn't take a genius to see it is just around the corner.

So what would constitute four easy pointers to watch for?

Globalisation: Every time an industry is uprooted by unfair foreign competition we lose a piece of our independence. Every time we give up something as a nation we were quite capable of doing ourselves we become enslaved to global trade for our sustenance. Nations are being robbed of their identity. When elections worldwide turn into a popularity contest you can see how people are eagerly waiting for some charismatic figure with a compelling propaganda to make the great deal of the century (a 7 years peace treaty between Israel and its neighbours...)

Political correctness. Unnatural ideas are being pushed onto people under the guise of "tolerance" and "diversity" and "equal rights". New mumbo jumbo words are being coined to labels things we do not understand nor can control. Carbon footprint, bio-diversity, global warming are terms that were unheard of 10 years ago.

Collapsing birth rate in the western civilization. Within 20 years the next generation will be missing in action. Governments are panicking that there won't be enough taxpayers to fund all the looming pensions soon due to be paid to people who live longer and longer. Their answer is to open wide the doors to immigration. This creates social and racial unrest as the newcomers do not integrate in the society.

Destruction of the family unit. The divorce rate is so high that an entire generation of children is coming up - not having experienced the loving care of a stable home, and looking up to the role models of a man and woman committed to each other for a lifetime. People will enter adulthood with issues - not the strength to cope with any challenge.

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Will you be left behind?

by Bruno Deshayes on 09 Feb 2017 permalink
Are you betting that things will improve just by themselves? Would you take the view that the earth and its inhabitants are doomed, that we have passed the point of no return? Do you want to be left behind to find out?

Suddenly. The effect of surprise. The non-linear discontinuity of future events. Suddenly war broke out. Suddenly a terrorist attack took place. Suddenly someone died on their way to work. Suddenly a tsunami wipes out thousands. Suddenly an earthquake occurs. Suddenly you tremble in your boots, have cold sweat and buy an insurance policy...

Let me tell you about the grand daddy of all suddentlys... It's called the rapture. An event that never took place in the past and will never happen again. Although we can look at pre-runners. Noah's ark for instance. While the earth was surrounded by a water canopy and nobody had seen rain before this brave man was obedient to God and built a huge boat over a long time. He was the joke of the town. The story is found in the bible, Genesis chapter 6. God left us the rainbow as a mark in the sky so that we would not forget.

Suddenly in 1948 the state of Israel was established in the Middle-East. Suddenly God handed Jerusalem over to the Jews. Do you want to hear about some more un-expected, world changing events?

Not knowing the future keeps you on your toes. Will you have enough superannuation to retire comfortably? Do you need to build a nuclear shelter under your house? Do you need to stockpile food, candles, solar panels, gasoline?

Do you need to get right with God? What if all that stuff was true? Can you afford to stick your head in the sand? Would you rather buy a home theatre to watch in 3D and surround sound some apocalyptic movie? Would you convince yourself it was all make-believe and your candy bar is still there at the end on the coffee table?

Suddenly the interest rate goes up. Suddenly the price of electricity becomes exorbitant. Suddenly unemployment rises. Suddenly banks foreclose on mortgages. Suddenly there is unrest in the streets. Suddenly the boss calls you in his office.

Suddenly you grab a bible, get on your knees and start reading.

Left Behind - the movie

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