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5 Things Women Are Looking For In A Man

by Bruno Deshayes on 18 May 2017 permalink
A big heart "Good Samaritan"

A man who is not so caught up in himself that he has compassion for the plight of those who cross his path. Someone who is not so selfish as to have the leisure to consider the welfare of others. If he already treats strangers well he is likely to treat you well also.

Integrity "Man of his Word"

A man who honours his pledge no matter how uncomfortable that might be down the track under pressure. By implication if he can do that then he will stick to his marriage vows. Someone who is brave enough to last for the long term. Someone who doesn't spend his time watching over his shoulder. Someone who has the courage to finish the race he has started.

Companion "Quality Time"

A man who can get down on his knees and laugh with the children - even if they are not his children. A man who can play and tell bedtime stories. Someone who doesn't get bored with human beings and knows when to turn the TV off. He plays sport with his mates rather than watching sport on TV. He enjoys playing tennis with you if you ask. He does it not for the sake of tennis but for the sake of sharing life together no matter what the activity might be (even shopping).

Attention and focus "Listening Ear"

A man who does not rush to fix your problem. Someone who is wise enough to pick up on your issue and give you an alternate point of view without forcing his ideas on you. A man who is not taken off guard by a feminine mindset but who respects it, protects it and cherishes it.

Leadership "Setting Direction"

A man who can set and achieve all sorts of goals not just by himself but also by getting others involved. This is the authority you naturally want to submit to - not because you have to - but because you want to. Someone who has done his homework about long term goals and can correct his mistakes.

Growth Industries Forecast

by Bruno Deshayes on 11 May 2017 permalink
When we are at war with China and the container ships stop coming in, who will restock the shelves at K Mart?

Our clothing and footwear industries are all but non existent. If you are looking for a growth sector - there it is staring you in the face! Now is the time to re-learn how to stitch-up some fashion back into our lives. Can the rag-trade have a rebirth? Could it be a distributed cottage industry? Could stay-at-home mums dust off their sewing machines and generate some income?

In Tasmania, the one Australian state with a record unemployment, people have discovered ways to flag down the tourism traffic off the highway by turning their home into an arts and crafts shop. Can we use social media to whip-up a grassroots movement distributing the patterns and fabric and later collecting the finished garments?

Notice how belligerent the Chinese have become. They oppose every resolution of the Security Council at the United Nations to let the crisis in Syria go unabated.  In their national pride they are willing to pick a fight with Vietnam and Japan over dubious territorial claims regarding some deserted islands - not unlike the Falklands war between the United Kingdom and Argentina.

Yet at the same time our government is letting go of strategic assets which are critical in terms of national security. The last two petrol refineries in NSW are being closed down. We will now import our distillate from Singapore because it is more profitable to put our skilled workforce to pasture. If we are the lucky country riding the mining boom, why can't we export gasoline as well as coal? A little bit of added value would not hurt.

But our mindset has always been to export steel to Japan and import it back as manufactured cars or whitegoods appliances. We also export uranium to India but would not run a nuclear power station while we had all the space to conduct nuclear tests in Maralinga for the British.

So if you see the lights on late at night in your neighbour's garage maybe the cottage industry has come to Australia out of necessity. Few are willing to accept that we might be falling down into a world recession like the Great Depression of the 1920s. It lasted 10 years from 1929 to 1939 and ended by the rise to power of Adolf Hitler and the start of the Second World War.

Wedding Speech

by Bruno Deshayes on 06 Apr 2017 permalink

I honour you as the next generation. Those of us who have almost ran our race pass the baton over to you and wish you all the very best. It is a courageous thing to get married these days in a world that has clearly lost its marbles - yet you are very wise in making a lifelong commitment to uphold each other and do life together.

Make sure you guard your quality time together and with the Lord. A couple who can worship together at home is a couple who will be able to tune-in to the voice of God. Sometimes the Scriptures alone do not give us a clear path to go to. It is a humbling experience to find that God sometimes chooses to guide you through a picture, a word or a dream given not to you but to your spouse.

Marriage is a lifelong commitment to uphold and build up each other. It is the bedrock of society where we learn management and social skills - where we raise children in an environment of peace, trust and protection giving them both a male and female role model to look up to. No wonder the family is under attack in our society because some minorities are itching to root out Christian values from our institutions while the majority is doing next to nothing to protect them.

Men are blessed with a logical mind and can work tirelessly on a distant lifelong goal like a career, building a house, etc... Women have a great intuition, share their emotions openly and can handle multiple tasks all at the same time. Use those attributes to complement but not to undermine each another. God made each one of us lopsided so that it is only when we come together that we are complete. If you have issues with that - talk to Him. After all He is your Creator.

Do not try to change each other either by brute force or by constant nagging. Instead ask yourself: How can I facilitate my husband to become the man God intended him to be? How can I facilitate my wife to become the woman God intended her to be? Develop the discipline of turning off the TV, the internet and put the phone on hold while you look into each other's soul. There is an intimacy which is not of a sexual kind that you will have to discover and work at. Some old couples are known to be able to sense each other's emotions and opinions without saying a word. Don't wait until you're old to reach that level. When you look into each other's eyes you should be able to agree on your common goals and trust each other enough to leave the fine details to each other's interpretation.

Do not betray each other's privacy by discussing over the phone matters that should remain within the marriage. Make the most of every opportunity to learn together and maintain a teachable spirit. There will be no shortage of untold pressure to test you but as long as you remain together in heart and mind and seek the face of God together He will take you from strength to strength. This is something no-one can teach you. You will have to write your own story for yourselves. We are all looking forward to read the first chapter.

Driving in Russia is a demolition derby

by Bruno Deshayes on 09 Mar 2017 permalink
If you ask a traffic patrol officer which are the most likely causes of car accidents they would tell you : speed, alcohol (or drugs) and inexperienced drivers.

The Russian society has managed to capitalise on those 3 points : speed limits do not exists (car, motorbikes or trucks often careen out of control at intersections, curves or pedestrian crossings), a little vodka keeps you warm on a long road trip and finally you have to pay bribes to get your driving licence whether you have any road experience or not.

The dash cam has become a compulsory feature on all Russian vehicles. This is the only way to prove your innocence as the road patrol rarely attend to an accident. When they do, it is always possible to pay a bribe to get an out-of-jail card. Also men regularly carry a crowbar in the boot to settle disputes with unwelcome motorists who smash into your car.

There are no car registration safety checks. People rarely would replace bald tyres and if they do they don’t always replace or tighten the hub nuts. A spare tyre overtaking you on the highway with the screeching noise of some metal scratching on the tar is a sure sign that you have lost a wheel…

People are impatient at the wheel. Giving right of way is optional. Looking in the rear mirror before executing a turn is also optional. Major collisions take place when people overtake (sometimes on the emergency lane) only to plough into crossing pedestrians or passing traffic.

You don’t see too many front wheel drive cars so most cars tend to over-steer and with bald tyres there is no grip on the rear axe so that you find yourself slipping head to tail out of control into the oncoming traffic or into the ditch.

People don’t often wear seatbelts and when an old truck cabin is hit the driver may be ejected out as the doors fly open.

Russian don’t waste money on defensive driving skills - they don’t know how to counter steer or apply the brakes gradually.

Strange scenes occur : a bus tyre explodes into a waiting car on the next lane. A bonnet opens up while driving at full speed. (Oh, what’s that button under the dash again?) With no visibility whatsoever you a doomed to crash into something…

People gladly overtake a turning truck only to find themselves squeezed against the curb as the lorry moves into their lane.

Speed and lack of snow tyres provides unique performances of motorised Russian ballet on ice. A graceful exit is to bump into fresh powder piled up on the roadside.

Russian dash-cam videos provide a limitless supply of cheap and sickening entertainment material for opportunistic YouTube advertisers.

No cause for conCERN

by Bruno Deshayes on 02 Mar 2017 permalink
I was driving to my next appointment when suddenly my car fell into a sinkhole in the middle of the road. Instantly I was thrusted into an alternate dimension.

I saw a nutrino playing with a bambino. They were protons whizzing by at the speed of light.
I saw a quark playing hide and seek with the elusive Higgs-boson. It had disappeared into a blackhole but you could still hear the antimatter heaving like a panting runner.

There were Pterodactyls, Pteranodons & other flying dinosaurs.

I saw Dr Felps’ Cyclotron spewing out nano particles from its brass horn. They looked like M&Ms with many bright colours. A fat graviton passed by, mustering them all into its field of attraction. When they came close enough he gulped them all in one fell swoop and then emitted the most obscene burp.

Several electrons were having a spat - firing lightening bolts at each other. A sticky gluon was spreading its tentacles trying to grasp the innocent bambinos. As we passed through yet another ring magnet we got a jolt of acceleration and were all squished into a tiny space.

Then we passed in front of a massive window. On the other side were scores of scientists wearing white gowns and dark rimmed spectacles. Some were looking straight at us. Others were sitting at some computers in the background - all engrossed in their experiments. One had dismantled a microwave oven and was playing with the magnetron inside. But because it wasn't an enclosed area anymore the popcorn wouldn't pop. It was a breach of protocol and he was promptly escorted out by security agents wearing hazmat suits. On the wall was a chart of the Standard Model and you were summoned to state which particle you were. I passed myself off as an x-moron.

Back in my tunnel I saw a photon holding up high a 7 branch candelabra. There was a procession under way. I heard the music of wind chimes and suddenly I was sucked into a wormhole at an amazing speed. This shaft of dazzling bright light was pulling me upward with an incredible strength. Then my vision blurred and when I regained consciousness I was at my destination. All I had to do was to reverse into my favourite parking spot. I looked at my watch. I had arrived actually half an hour before the time of my departure.

Fools Falling In Love 101

by Bruno Deshayes on 26 Jan 2017 permalink
This is the one event where a man does not try to process a woman with logic. Something just hit him. He has no clue what it is. He suddenly has the sublime intuition that on his own he is lopsided and that with her, he can become complete.

There is a woman-shaped hole in his heart that only the seductress can fill. He will break a path to her door. In Latin countries you are supposed to take a donkey and a guitar and ride under her balcony and serenade her until she nonchalantly drops the perfumed handkerchief that was tucked between her breasts. Never mind the neighbours. In that culture when a man is in love with a woman the whole village knows about it for obvious reasons. Anglo-Saxons on the other hand are supposed to kneel down and propose with a diamond ring. A whole industry has a vested interest in perpetuating that tradition. I suppose if they also hired guitars and donkeys they would have all bases covered...

Courtship is the art of seeking a woman's affection usually with the hope of marriage. Ballroom dancing was invented to teach women how to walk backwards - utterly relying on the lead of the man they would trust for the rest of their life. Without vision mirrors she goes in reverse totally un-phased at how many walls, pillars or other couples they missed in the journey.

Of course dancing can lead to kissing - which is a way to get two people so close to each other that they can't see what's wrong with them!

Some women conceive courtship akin to an obstacle course to test the skills and resolve of the pretender. They include non-verbal clues as a cheat sheet to give unfair advantage to the favourite. Unfortunately some men compute that if a woman can't express herself with words it's probably not worth listening to her...

It is sad to see some people setting themselves as "dating life coach" to take advantage of those on the rejection heap. On the other hand God is the best matchmaker. Those who are in Christ know He has a sense of humour and knows how to get people to cross paths without feeling manipulated. In fact there are scores of testimonies where people relied on God to find their mate - which in turn released God to perfectly answer their prayer.

Falling in love is the most un-foolish thing you can ever do. Making yourself vulnerable and accountable to someone of the opposite sex is the most risky and rewarding decision you will ever make. Many have despised the day their missed to tune-in to the song of their mermaid. Instead of shipwrecking themselves on the island of bliss they sailed on in a dark ocean of loneliness and unfulfilment.

Connoisseur of French Idioms

by Bruno Deshayes on 19 Jan 2017 permalink
Can a raconteur gild the lily without arousing suspicion?
Can a storyteller keep on embellishing without arousing suspicion?

The crme de la crme of Paris prt--porter was in town to present their wares on the catwalk.
The best of the best of Paris fashion was in town to present their wares on the catwalk.

This poseur of an entrepreneur was advocating a laissez-faire policy to feather his own nest.
This pretentious business person was advocating a no-interference policy to feather his own nest.

The femme fatale committed a faux pas and blended in the dcor.
The dangerous seductress committed a gaffe and disappeared from the spotlight.

The charg d'affaires passed his communiqu to the concierge instead of the media liaison.
The diplomat passed his press release to the caretaker instead of the press secretary.

If you know the savoir-vivre in society, all you need is the savoir-faire to get things done.
If you know the etiquette of society, all you need is the know-how to get things done.

The matre d' wore a boutonnire and presented me the menu.
The head waiter wore a flower in his jacket buttonhole and presented me the menu.

Would you like it sauted, blanched or in a casserole?
Would you like it quickly fried, briefly boiled or baked?

It is customary for the chef to use a blow torch for crme brle.
It is customary for the cook to use a blow torch for caramel.

I shall have the Crpe Suzette flamb with Grand Marnier.
I shall have the Suzette pancake flamed in Grand Marnier liquor.

Would you like some French dressing on your French fries? That would be no pice de rsistance but a crime of lse majest if you dared to do that on the Champs-lyses.
Would you like some French dressing on your French fries? That would be no main course but a breach of proper manners if you dared to do that on the Champs-lyses.

I shall have a little tte--tte with you to explain that in the genre of impudence this tour de force takes the stakes too high.
I shall have a little one-on-one talk with you to explain that in the style of impudence this feat takes the stakes too high.

There is a "je ne sais quoi" about your joie de vivre.
There is an indescribable quality about your easy going attitude.

I shall now take a French leave. Adieu, au revoir, so long, vive la diffrence!
I shall now disappear. Farewell, goodbye, so long, let it be!

Brian Trevarton says:
I blame MasterChef, sorry MasterCook, for most of this!

Miriam says:
Trs bien!

Fabric of society falling apart

by Bruno Deshayes on 15 Dec 2016 permalink
A concerted attack on the family will result in a degenerate civilisation. The best way to alienate people is to break up the family unit. Just glance at the North Korean regime to see everyone evenly disenfranchised as a child of the state.

Today the only people to make a fuss about getting married are homosexuals and catholic priests while everybody else either lives in a de-facto relationship or is busy filing for divorce...

The benefits of the family and the institution of marriage are many:

Social skills learned in a small group doing life together can be readily leveraged in the broader community.

Being exposed throughout childhood to an adult role model of each sex results in a well balanced personality.

Having to contend, compete, fight and play with siblings in an environment controlled by mum and dad is the ordained way to move through the early years of life.

Young adults, by making a life-long commitment to each other through their marriage vows provide the peace, trust and love that infants need to experience.

As you raise children together you learn about loyalty, commitment, unselfishness and many other moral traits in very short supply in our society.

Young men become really men when they rise to the challenge of being bread-winners. They are being bestowed with the responsibility of the welfare of this tiny bundle of life.

Deep down barren women pine away at the passing of their child-bearing years no matter the appeal of corporate life might be.

It takes the diversity and the mindset of both sexes to face up to the challenges building up a family brings.

Today we see a whole generation coming up who has been tarnished with experiences of broken homes, broken trust, broken hopes... no wonder the suicide rate is so high.

Today we see grandparents being alienated from their grandchildren and we go around clamouring about the high cost of childcare. The answer is right under our nose if extended families were held together and housing was spacious and affordable.

The birth rate is so low that in some twenty years our civilisation as we know it will become extinct. The government is acutely aware of the problem and their thinking is to allow a massive influx of immigration. This is fraught with danger as racial tension will escalate because newcomers need at least one generation to be assimilated in the fabric of society.

Tanya says:

Your privacy out the window

by Bruno Deshayes on 01 Dec 2016 permalink
Do you realise there isn't a safe place in a shopping mall or public lobby where you can pick your nose with impunity? Surveillance cameras everywhere!

No wonder sunglasses sales are up even in winter. Some obscene folks have been dismissed on the spot for installing unauthorised cameras in the ladies toilets. But think of those who didn't get caught and replay to themselves their choice video-clips. What can a security guard do to escape the boredom of the job? Unless she is female...

You can now buy a video camera in the shape of a fountain pen. It is being promoted for evidence gathering to realtors, police officers, counsellors, negotiators, etc... Just like your phone calls are being recorded by every call centre "for training purposes..." it seems everybody with a litigation mindset is investing in Get Smart technology to spy on you.

Then again why would you need to panic? Just like photographs can be retouched, video clips can be edited to modify the soundtrack and make you say words you never uttered. It won't be long before those technological breakthroughs will make such evidence in court inconsequential at best.

People don't trust each other (I wonder why...) and Big Brother is watching everywhere. People are ignoring their neighbours and call for a housesitter to mind their home while they're away. You can setup a webcam in your home and monitor it on your mobile phone to check if pussy finished her sardines and onions. I am sure some hard pressed parents have used the technology to save on childcare. But what is OK for a cat is abuse for an infant. Then again better some child monitoring that nothing at all...

Do you know there is a new discipline in computing called forensic analysis which can spot what you looked for on search engines even without having access to your computer? Marketers have been clamouring for this since everything has to be converted to metrics in order to improve the bottom line and gain market share.

We live in a connected world and we leave our fingerprints wherever we go. Not everything is negative There are applications to check your reach in social media. We know head hunters, HR folks at your work and other anonymous entities are checking your posts if you happen to be the interest of the day.

There used to be a sign in my supermarket: "Smile, you're on camera". They didn't say by how much this tactic reduced shoplifting but my buddy at spynet installations is hiring new apprentices... If spying creates employment then surely it must be good for the economy.

Social media going full circle

by Bruno Deshayes on 24 Nov 2016 permalink
Once upon a time you would subscribe to social media to re-connect with former co-workers, distant family members etc... in the hope of keeping the relationship alive by sharing photos and other snippets of life.

Well, now you can use social media to meet complete strangers face to face! Of course people addicted to dating sites do that all the time - but I am talking about leveraging an interesting tool to widen your horizon. MeetUp allows people to create and advertise an interest group. 3 years ago all activity seemed to be in the US. Today I found some 500+ groups in Sydney alone! What a parabolic growth!

What is refreshing about this phenomenon is that face to face contact is so much richer than online encounters. People can easily project a persona in cyberspace and they can fool you pretending to be someone they are not. I am talking about all those self-appointed marketing experts who shamelessly peddle yesterday's ideas - knowing full-well that reality has moved on.

When you are across a coffee table with somebody, you have to keep eye contact and pay attention. They share something and then it is your time to talk. You just can't press the back button and click on the next entry on your search results! You have to devote your full attention to you interlocutor or else come across as a jerk.

I have sifted through several types of groups: social groups organising activities such as sport, movie-going, bushwalking, music performances, etc... There is definitively a need for people to get a chance to re-connect after divorce, moving to a new city or other life upheavals. Other groups cater for expats or those who seek native speakers to learn a new language and culture.

Finally there are the business groups. Not everyone is a member of your local chamber of commerce or professional association. As technology and markets evolve constantly, everybody is facing the onslaught of the global village. Some international heavyweight is sure to invade your patch at some point of time. Small business owners working from home constantly need to be plugged into the grapevine and extend their sphere of influence.

With the constant decline of the printed press, companies and organisations find this an appropriate channel to advertise their cause by calling you to their cocktail parties.

So - yes, social media has gone full circle. We are human beings filled with emotions, choices and interests. We do not want to be cyberpunks spied upon by marketing trawlers. We want to be validated in our opinions and we have to re-learn how to pay attention to strangers one on one.

Paul Szilard says:
I couldn't agree more. You certainly have a gift in writing, and I think you ought to explore the possibility to get some of your articles published in the appropriate journals - and get paid for it. Well written and poignant.

More oneliners, please

by Bruno Deshayes on 17 Nov 2016 permalink
If you're too open minded, your brains will fall out.

Age is a very high price to pay for maturity.

Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than going to a garage makes you a mechanic.

Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.

If you must choose between two evils, pick the one you've never tried before.

My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance.

Not one shred of evidence supports the notion that life is serious.

It is easier to get forgiveness than permission.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite government program.

If you look like your passport picture, you probably need the trip.

Bills travel through the mail at twice the speed of checks.

A conscience is what hurts when all your other parts feel so good.

Eat well, stay fit, die anyway.

Men are from earth. Women are from earth. Deal with it.

No husband has ever been shot while doing the dishes.

A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.

Middle age is when broadness of the mind and narrowness of the waist change places.

Opportunities always look bigger going than coming.

Junk is something you've kept for years and throw away three weeks before you need it.

There is always one more imbecile than you counted on.

Experience is a wonderful thing. It enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again.

By the time you can make ends meet, they move the ends.

Thou shalt not weigh more than thy refrigerator.

Someone who thinks logically provides a nice contrast to the real world.

I find common sense not to be very common.

Blessed are they who can laugh at themselves for they shall never cease to be amused.

Love your neighbour as yourself

by Bruno Deshayes on 20 Oct 2016 permalink
The Ten Commandments are wrapped up in this one simple rule but why is it such tall order for most of us? So put yourself at the receiving end and ponder: "Do to others as you would like it done onto you."

When you greet somebody and matter-of-factly say "How are you?" do you actually wait to hear the answer - and furthermore are you prepared to listen to any concern the person might express?

Someone had the nerve to ask Jesus "And who is my neighbour?" and so came the parable of the Good Samaritan. So in short your neighbour (the person you need to care about as much as you care about yourself) is anybody who crosses your path...

Ouch! How do we fall short of that... yet that would be the number one reason for the moral decay in our society.

Observe a mother. How she is tuned-in to the cries of her child. Even before the infant is able to verbalize anything she knows by the intonation if the problem is hunger, discomfort, lack of sleep or the sheer need for physical contact.

"How to win friends and influence people" the bestseller from Dale Carnegie has become a de-facto must-read for every aspiring network marketing distributor. Unfortunately if it is done with selfish motives it falls flat onto the ground because people are suspicious as to why a total stranger would suddenly be nice to them...

"Love your neighbour as yourself" has been replaced with "What's in it for me?" No wonder we are not cutting it as social animals... So checkout this little score card and see how you rate and where there might be room for improvement:

When is the last time you called a taxi to take home safely a drunken person?
When did you last take the time to get acquainted with somebody over a cup of coffee?
When did you last entertain strangers in your home?
Is the spare room in your house kept tidy to offer shelter for somebody coming to town or is it filled with junk?
When did you last pick the tab for a relative's medical expenses?
Do you know the people next door by first names and have you sneakily figured out the date on which to wish them a happy birthday?
Do you offer to share a ride downtown from the airport with other passengers or do you storm the first cab and take off?
As a matter of courtesy do you offer to share some of your food with the one sitting next to you on a park bench, at the library or in public transport?
Do you engage in conversation with strangers from the country who would address anybody they meet in the train or the elevator - or do you give them a blank stare to signal they have broken a social taboo in the big cities?
Do you carry in your pocket some meal vouchers to hand out to a homeless beggar? (rather than giving out cash which would be promptly converted into drugs or alcohol)

Women naturally compliment each other on their attire - men would come across as sissy if they did the same - but everyone can seek eye-contact with someone who is looking down and give a word of encouragement.

I think you get the gist now. Start the day asking yourself: "Who's day will I have a chance to brighten today?" As you practice this you will get such buzz out of putting a smile on the face of the downcast and you will open heaven's gates to empower you to do even more.

Laugh your head off

by Bruno Deshayes on 15 Sep 2016 permalink
world of lonelinessHad a dream I was a muffler. When I woke up I was exhausted.

After i-messaging back and forth with my wife, I jokingly commanded Siri to pass along this message: “You need to get back to work now; you have a husband to support.”
Here’s what Siri sent: “You need to get back to work now; you have a has-been to support.”

I once gave my husband the silent treatment for an entire week, at the end of which he declared, “Hey, we’re getting along pretty great lately!”

A salesman talked my uncle into buying 10,000 personalized pens for his business with the promise that he would be eligible to win a 32-foot yacht. A born gambler, my uncle agreed. Well, he won, and a few weeks after the pens arrived, his prize showed up: a 12-inch plastic yacht with 32 plastic feet glued to the bottom.

A police officer jumps into his squad car and calls the station. “I have an interesting case here,” he says. “A woman shot her husband for stepping on the floor she just mopped.” “Have you arrested her?” asks the sergeant. “No, not yet. The floor’s still wet.”

A woman noticed her husband standing on the bathroom scale, sucking in his stomach. “Ha­­! That’s not going to help,” she said. “Sure, it does,” he said. “It’s the only way I can see the numbers.”

Teacher: "Kids, what does the fluffy chicken give you?"
Students: "Eggs!"
Teacher: "Very good! Now what does the pink pig give you?"
Students: "Bacon!"
Teacher: "Great! And what does the fat cow give you?"
Students: "Homework!"

Doctor, why is it that my nose runs and my feet smell?
Well, why don’t you try the other way round : Smell with your nose and run with your feet !

In these last days there are many monsters roaming the earth. I heard of one who didn't have a body - only a nose. I asked "What's her name?" I was told "No Body Nose".

The end is nigh

by Bruno Deshayes on 14 Apr 2016 permalink
It does not take an expert to figure out we have gone past the point of no-return on many fronts: collapsing economy, rampant unemployment, unaffordable housing, aging population, endemic corruption, government gridlock, global warming, epidemics, pollution, sexual abuse, wars, illegal immigration, to name a few.

If God cares about us, why does he allow so much suffering and inequality?

God is going to exact his judgment upon the earth but he also has provided a way of escape for those who love him. This is called the Rapture. The Scripture foretell an event where people who abide in Christ would suddenly vanish and be translated into heaven.

A bit far fetched, you might think? In fact many Christians will miss out because they love their lifestyle more than they love God. There is a movie called "Left Behind" which details this very scenario. Indeed you don't want to be left behind and have to go through the ordeal that is ahead. This is the time to grab a bible and start reading the gospels and the book of revelation.

With a One World Government also comes a One World Currency and a One World Religion. A mighty financial collapse is being engineered through the quantitative easing of the US dollar and now the Euro and a bankrupt Federal Reserve. Use your time left to seek a meaningful relationship with God and His son Jesus Christ whom He sent to reconcile humanity to Himself. A new currency will be ushered - one that prevents identity fraud as everyone will have to take a microchip implant under the skin to buy or sell anything.

One World Religion means the pope is an apostate who has denied Christ long ago and because of that denial a mishmash of religious leaders will have no qualm into forging ahead with a new global religion - we know what that is - the worship of the antichrist.

We are living a unique time in human history - and this calls for a unique response on your part. There have been many warnings before and even scoffers were running "rapture parties" but God will not be mocked. Consider that all the prophecies in the Old Testament of the bible concerning the life, death and resurrection of Christ came to be fulfilled exactly. Now soberly consider that all the prophecies about the second coming of Christ and the tribulation will also come to pass.

Social media makes us autistic cyberpunks

by Bruno Deshayes on 24 Mar 2016 permalink
Can you survive in a world deprived of non verbal clues? Remember the smileys at the end of SMS text messages? Can you really make yourself smile, frown or giggle on demand? What is the quality of a conversation with total strangers when you can't hear the tone of their voice and read their facial expression?

The average facebook users has 250 friends - half of which they have never met face to face. Quantity will never make up for quality. If we are all crying out for purpose and significance is social media a saving grace or a total delusion?

We are made for fellowship with other human beings - that is the fabric of society. On our own we are incomplete. It's only through interaction with other fellow human beings that we can reach our full potential. Social media can become a very void popularity contest.

In the past people would entertain in their own homes. You pick-up innumerable clues about somebody by visiting their environment. Sharing a meal with someone is the basis of hospitality and fellowship. Being brave enough to be yourself in your own home and open up to new friends makes you active in your community.

Today we have become avatars in a virtual village. You can project your own personal brand in cyberspace and you will end-up a solitary lunatic clicking away from one post to another where nobody really knows you. Personal accountability goes out the window.

The sad reality though is that because half of marriages end up in divorce there is a vast supply of broken homes out there where people would rather not let you know how dysfunctional they really are. So we survive in a pretence made-up world where we decide who we want to be in the mouse clicks of others.

We only end-up hurting ourselves in not being real. Personal accountability starts where you are right now. Has it ever occurred to you that by taking the risk to be yourself you can empower others to also drop their mask and receive healing in the process?

Facebook picked up on this by providing instant messaging chat with your friends who happen to be online. But really you should go one step further and setup a video call on skype. Then you can see and hear each other. It all boils down to how you manage your time. Being unselfish is to make time for others. It shows them they are important to you. Starbucks is not in the business of selling coffee. They are selling you an environment where you can unwind and meet people - without the liquor and the gambling that prevail in pubs and bars.

They are only 24 hours in a day. Since you need to sleep 8 hours each night and work 8 hours each working day that only leaves 8 hours for yourself. If it is wasted commuting, doing errands and whatever else no wonder you feel disenfranchised. In the past people used to have writing pals. Today we maintain a clicking diary of our unfulfilled lives. Nothing wrong with that. It's good to leverage technology. But make sure that it leads to meeting real people face to face.

Politically Incorrect Rubberneckers

by Bruno Deshayes on 21 Mar 2016 permalink
Have you ever looked in bewilderment at our ever changing landscape?

One day you find gay men wearing pink ribbons to commemorate breast cancer day. Will they be followed by lesbians wearing blue ribbons to collect donations for prostate cancer research?

Information channels know by now that it is too expensive to gather original news material. Instead they recycle twitter feeds or report on the latest buzz grovelling across social media. They let themselves be hijacked by minorities to push they agendas propaganda.

Here comes SuperMom who had a menopause plus a divorce and now wants to castrate grumpy old men. Will she be the first woman to walk on the moon or the first woman to be the next UN Secretary-General?

What about the minorities who cant speak for themselves? A upstart lawyer is taking on a pro bono basis the case of the stray cats and de-roofed possums. Did you know that cats and dogs can be the beneficiaries of a will and can be covered by health insurance? With driver less cars they will be able to commute from home to the pet parlour for a shampoo with grooming and curls.

What about Old Mother Earth? Have you ever felt being made guilty for pollution, global warming, and threatened ecosystems? If the petrol lobby had not quashed the advent of the electric car some ten years ago, the parking lots of every shopping centre would be fitted with power points to recharge while you shop. The passing of the Carbon Tax and its subsequent cancellation in Australia is a memorable tale of a tug of war between the liberals and the conservatives. Again technology may come to the rescue. Did you know that people have isolated a bacteria that can digest plastic? What about the viral video of a grizzly bear making out with a full dumpster at the back of a Canadian restaurant?

What about marriage inequality? Men want to get married to get a maid, a cook and something warm to cuddle in bed on a cold winter night (aka hot water bottle). Women want to get married to change their name, to show off in a wedding gown, to have access to your bank account and to have someone to take the trash can out.

What about exposing the appalling treatment of women within Islam (which in English means submission)? Are they so beaten up that they have to cover their entire body while seen in public? Whats wrong with pork anyway? The smell of bacon and eggs makes me salivate. Im glad I am not a Jew.

What about churches softening their stance on biblical precepts? Can homosexuals be saved? Do they have to repent of their sin first? What are the signs of the impending rapture ?

Being politically incorrect is going to be the trademark of those who choose to standup against the onslaught of liberal propaganda. Very soon there will be a day of reckoning. Which side will you be on? Wont it be too late to change your mind?



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